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Only high-density chrysotile products are manufactured and sold today. The unique feature of these products is that the chrysotile fibre is encapsulated in a matrix of cement or resin, preventing the release of fibres. Over 90% of chrysotile used worldwide today is in the manufacture of fibre-cement building and construction materials.

Asbestos uses




Low density

High density

Fibre types



Chrysotile-cement products (C/C)

More than 90% of the world production of chrysotile is used in the manufacture of chrysotile-cement, in the form of pipes, sheets and shingles. These products are used in some sixty industrialized and developing countries. Chrysotile-cement is valued principally for its excellent cost effectiveness and durability. Manufacture of this material requires the import of only small quantities of fibre, the other raw materials being easily available locally. Moreover, the manufacturing technology requires little investment and consumes less energy than production methods for competing products.


Friction materials (F/M)

Because of its natural resistance to heat, chrysotile fibres have been widely used in friction materials. Automobile brake shoes, disk pads, clutches and elevators brakes are common examples of products using chrysotile fibre.

Other products

As reported in several books, chrysotile was used in the manufacturing of some 3000 products. The reality today is simpler, but there is still a significant variety of common-day and industrial uses of chrysotile containing products. For example, chrysotile fibre is used in roof sealants, textiles, plastics, rubbers, door seals for furnaces, high temperature caulking, paper, components for the military and the nuclear industry.


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