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July l4, 2005, The Wall Street Journal. Texas Federal Judge Janis Graham Jack put the brakes on the silicosis machine with a 249-page decision. In front of her court, she blasted every one of the 10 000 silicosis claims. She also declared the fraudulent means by which layers, doctors and screening companies had manufactured the claims – for money. This former nurse couldn’t understand how silicosis, usually causing less than 200 deaths a year in USA, was now causing more than 20 000 in a few states. So she dug deeper. She later found that more than 65% of the plaintiffs had previously filled an asbestos suite; even if it is clinically almost impossible to have both asbestosis and silicosis. A Manhattan grand jury is now investigating at least one of the screening companies and subpoenas have gone out to at least two of the doctors involved.


This decision should help open the door for the asbestos file which probably is being treated the same way as silicosis.