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Asbestos in the news

The Wall Street Journal ran a lengthy and hard-hitting op-ed, written by Cardozo Law School Prof. Lester Brickman, which examined the mass screening and x-rays employed by plaintiffs’ attorneys in asbestos and silica litigation.  “Lawyers charging 40% contingency fees have extracted tens of billions of dollars in settlements, after hiring a comparative handful of doctors who consistently read X-rays and ‘diagnose’ disease in 60% to 80% of those screened,” wrote Brickman.  The Wall Street Journal, Nov. 5-6 2005 edition.


ABC News’ Nightline aired the second part of their story on asbestos and Libby, Montana. The program focused primarily on sites that received vermiculite from Libby and potential risks to workers and homeowners.  The report did note that "experts agree that vermiculite sealed inside attics and walls poses little threat." 


In other litigation news, the Supreme Court of Virginia this week overturned a verdict against Norfolk Southern Railway Co. that awarded $1.5 million to a Virginia Beach man who said he contracted silicosis while working for the railroad, holding the testimony of the plaintiff’s expert witness was inadmissible (The Virginian-Pilot / Knight Ridder).