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The lure of gain and the asbestos file


Except in extremely rare cases, one who already has silicosis cannot develop asbestosis.  How can we then explain that of 8,629 people diagnosed with silicosis and presently suing in Federal court (Corpus Christie Case), 60 % have previously filed compensation claims for asbestos related diseases?  Are we being confronted with fraud?  You can learn more by reading the article “Diagnosing for Dollars”, in Fortune magazine, Vol. 151, No. 12 (June 13, 2005).  Among the interesting material, you will read comments by the screening doctors responsible for “positive” diagnoses, at least from those doctors who returned calls to Fortune.  Once again, Fortune publishes a very good article demonstrating how the asbestos file is a lure to gain by profiteers and dishonest people alike.