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False declaration and misleading statement


In The Hill Times of October 3, 2005, NDP MP Pat Martin declared that he has been actively seeking a ban on asbestos ever since, as a young man, he worked in an asbestos mine.  As further ammunition to his crusade, he uses the Quebec National Institute of Public Health’s 2003 report, notably concluding that men of this province show the fourth highest incidence of asbestos-related diseases in the world. This report was qualified as nonscientific and that the data used was based on past work practices, which no longer exist (since the 70s), and have nothing in common with today’s occupational health and safety practices in the mines. Cherry on top, Martin mentioned that in June of this year, 4000 delegates to the International Labor Organization (ILO) passed a resolution to ban the production and sale of asbestos (including chrysotile). This claim was proven wrong as no such resolution was accepted or proposed at this previously mentioned ILO meeting. A letter from the Chrysotile Institute was sent to NDP leader, Jack Layton, suggesting that Martin’s false allegations require correction. For the chrysotile industry and its representatives, it is incumbent that the deputy should acknowledge his false and misleading declarations